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1980 4 idiots
Shpshd 4 dummies
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Other work by Mark!

Part 1 - "My Grandad would not play Blakes 7 with me"
Was Science fiction scarier than fact?
Part 2 - "Famous Shepshedians"
How dare I doubt the gospel according to a Dinnerlady?
Part 3 - "The phantom flasher"
Any notions of being "a nonce" were soon banished in '83.
Part 4 - "Is he, or isn't he?"
Does my old mate work down the tip, or it he really a faded 80's pop star?
Part 5- "Poetic justice"
The moral fable of Lady Isabella Barnett.
Part 6 - "The idiot box"
Kelly Monteith - how could you?
Part 7 - "My eighties TV hell"
Amazingly with just four channels to choose from, there was so much rubbish!
Part 8 - "Social climbing - Shepshed style"
Why a colour telly, a sandwich toaster and dial-a-disc were status symbols!
Part 9 - "Ooompah lumpa - stick it up yer Junta!"
Maggie sends our boys to the south Atlantic, then turns up in Shepshed.
Part 10 - "Ted Hughes and the tin-man"
Why I so much preferred Larkin and Betjeman!
Part 11 - "High School Hell"
How being apprehensive about going to "big school" turned me into a "Skin". Skin being "Skinhead" and not that dopey Channel 4 programme.
Part 12 - "For whom the (Shepshed High School) bells toll"
Life and times at "big school".
Part 13 - "Bikes, bogs and garden sheds"
Be careful what you wish for!
Part 14 - "Consequences, altered cases, broken noses"
Remembering 'Dashing" Stephen Dorrell.
Part 15 - "Vicar on a two-stroke"
Happy days in church and the pub!
Part 16 - "Skeletors evil empire and Loughborough"
Well I did have to go there for essentials such as records!
Part 17 - "I get all the girls"
In my dreams!
Part 18 - "Dovecote Days"
C'Mon Yoooo Whiiiii-tes!
Part 19 - "Tony Benn and Crooked Spires"
The dreaded school exchange trip!
Part 20 - "The Bomb & Citizen Monk"
Protecting our fundamental rights and freedoms.
Part 21 - "Gods Cop"
From the beat to the blackboard.
Part 22 - "Pap Music"
A time when Mother did not know best!
Part 23 - "Dedicated follower of fashion"
Remember Tank tops, cardigans, stay press and Jellybeans? Neither did I!
Part 24 - "Shepshed Revisited"
Growing up was hard to do!
Part 25 - "Other offences to be taken into consideration"
Other stuff I could not fit in elsewhere!

Life in Shepshed, 1980-1986