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Shepshed 4 dummies

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Just in case you knew nowt about the town!

Appeared in the Doomsday book as Scepeshefde Regis (meaning hill where the sheep graze of the king).
A weekly wool market was held here until the 14th century.
The Charnwood Navigation Canal that ran through the town closed in 1804, just six years after opening.
Changed its name from Sheepshed to Shepshed in 1888.
Passenger rail services from Shepshed ceased in 1931, although there was an active goods line running until 1963.
It is the home of Shepshed Dynamo FC play at the Dovecote and currently compete in the Unibond League. The author was an avid fan of their predecessors Shepshed Charterhouse FC, who arguably enjoyed their most successful period between 1978-1985 when they topped the old Southern Premier League & reached the First Round proper of the FA Cup in 1982.
Famous ex-residents include Bruce Woolley, former member of Buggles and celebrated song-writer for the likes of Cher, Shirley Bassett and Grace Jones....
...and Mark Monk of course! :-)

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Life in Shepshed, 1980-1986