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Just in case you were not born.....

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The monarch was Queen Elizabeth II and the Prime Minister was Margaret Thatcher (Conservative).
Yes Minister first broadcast by the BBC on 25/02/80.
Ooops! pirate Radio Station Caroline sinks on 20/03/80.
John Lennon is shot dead in New York on 08/12/80.
We also mourned Dixie Dean (Footballer, d 01/03/80), Alfred Hitchcock (Film Director, 20/04/80), Peter Sellers (Actor 24/07/80) and Yootha Joyce (Actress 24/08/80).
Zimbabwe gains independance from the UK - 18/04/80.
The Iranian Embassy siege starts on 30/04/80 - 26 hostages are seized but the SAS recapure the building on 05/05/80.
Second Division West Ham defeat holders Arsenal to win the FA Cup, 10/05/80.
Three iconic cars are launched this year, British Leyland release the Morris Ital in June 1980 and the Austin Mini Metro is released on 08/10/80. Inbetween Ford launch the Mark III Escort in September 1980.
Probably showing at the Loughborough Curzon back then were:
The Elephant Man (starring John Hurt, Anthony Hopkins).
Flash Gordon (starring Sam J Jones-who?).
The Long Good Friday (Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren).
The Shining (Jack Nicholson).
UK No.1's include "Brass in Pocket" - the Pretenders, "The Special AKA live" - Specials, "Going Underground" - The Jam, "Geno" - Dexy's Midnight Runners and "Ashes to Ashes" - David Bowie.

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